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Partner with Practitioners

Custom Wellness Plans

TelMD will send your request to a holistic wellness team in your area which will then deliver a customize wellness plan tailored uniquely to you and your goals.

Your entire TelMD experience is wrapped around who you are and where you are in your health journey.  Within your “Journal,” you can document your daily progress by answering some very simple questions.  The answers to those questions tells us how you are doing on that particular day and allows us to present immediate courses of action you can take to balance all five areas of your life.

Also within your Journal is an area to reflect upon your journey.  This is your opportunity to dive deeper into the reasons for why you do the things you do.  The questions within the Reflection area are methodically placed in order for TelMD to structure modalities inside TelMD to reinforce your positive growth.  Once you understand why you do the things you do, the awareness occurs and therefore your focus changes on making better decisions.

After you become a TelMD member and begin using the interface, you will begin to see how TelMD begins to arrange your Wellness Team, health products and other items around you.  The goal is to help you achieve the wellness goals that you set for yourself and to be a resource to lean on when you see that you are out of balance.  TelMD is all about centering your health around who you are.

Partner With Local Wellness Practitioners

Upon signing up, your local wellness team will be notified that you have just requested a customized wellness plan based on who you are, the goals you would like to achieve and the life you wish to live. Each member of your team believes in the 'Appreciative Medicine' concept - that your own immune system is the most powerful healing force in the Universe.

@Sarah Harris

Exercise Trainer
Go ahead and workout for vanity, see how far that gets you.  I want self-reliance and freedom, your body is an awesome force toward that goal.

@Jerry Bryton


The human body will take you places you never even imagined if you gave it the respect it needed.  Eating healthy is not just a lifestyle.  It’s a literal stance against the companies who profit from your addictions.

@Lena Miller

Yoga Teacher

Connecting with my body and soul through yoga is one of the best physical and spiritual experiences one can have.  There is a reason we are meant to heal this way.

@Lewis Schulman


Emotions and feeling are a simple, and yet complex version of being human.  Learning how to control them is just a part of the human experience.

@Greg Rich

Spiritual Counselor

Finding spirit and passion is like accidentally discovering that there was a soulmate that lived next door.  Love yourself first and feel the vibration inside of you rise as you treat others that same way.

@Steve Rizzo

Medical Doctor

As a family doctor, I can tell you with a clear conscious.  The only way to true health is by appreciating the life you were given and to fully capitalize on what God has already given you, the opportunity to see what you’re made of.

@Jim Vermillion

Meditation Expert

An actual statistic found that those who meditate reduced the likelihood of being hospitalized for coronary disease by 87 percent, and the possibility of getting cancer by 55 percent.

@Jenny Phan


Energy is not just a word.  There’s a natural force that can unblock your channels and clear your way for a new way of living – a beautiful future.  Because by the way, you are made of energy.