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The Inspiration Behind TelMD

Terry L. Franklin, MD, FAAFP

MDVIP Physician

Terry Franklin, MD, FAAFP is a board-certified physician who specializes in delivering personalized preventative health care to every patient he serves. By integrating Eastern and Western philosophies in his private practice, Dr. Franklin has pioneered a creative approach to health care, coined Appreciative Medicine™.

This philosophical approach to medicine views health and life as a continuum of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual components. Appreciative Medicine™ fosters a truly active partnership between the patient and the practitioner, focusing on the goal of achieving optimal health.

TelMD Founder

MDVIP Physicians of the Monterey Peninsula


Dr. Franklin was appointed to serve as the first of the very select MDVIP physicians of the Monterey Peninsula in 2009. The strict and rigorous selection process has high standards and requires an accomplished, dedicated and specialized physician to keep an intimate practice of up to 600 patients. This practice size allows Dr. Franklin to spend valuable time with his patients, perform comprehensive physical exams and provide treatment of acute and chronic illnesses with a preventative and wellness approach.

University Health Systems


While at the University Health Systems of Eastern North Carolina, Dr. Franklin authored and was the primary investigator of studies on treating coronary heart disease through lifestyle modifications. An experienced educator, he has presented at numerous seminars and workshops and has been a guest speaker at major medical conventions throughout the nation.

American Academy of Family Physicians


Board certified and a fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, Dr. Franklin holds advanced degrees in chemistry and medicine. He completed graduate medical studies at East North Carolina University and continued his training at The London Hospital Medical College, University of London, England. He is credentialed in Medical Acupuncture through the University of California at Los Angeles School of Medicine and has completed advanced studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Dr. Franklin is the recipient of many honors for academic, scholastic and research achievements, and has been recognized as one of the “50 Outstanding Family Physicians in the State of California” by the California Academy of Family Physicians.

Awards and Achievements

Start Up Nomination, SkyDeck HotDesk
U.C. Berkeley, 2017

California Academy of Family Physicians, 50 Outstanding Family Physicians, 1998

Distinguished Resident Award, East Carolina University Department of Family Medicine, 1994

Excellence in Research Award, American Academy of Family Physicians, 1994

Resident of the Year Award, North Carolina Academy of Family Physician, 1994

Sponsoring Physician, Heart Patient of the Year Award, SmithKline and Beecham, 1994


MDVIP: Personalized Healthcare Ryan Ranch Medical Group

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula

University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine


Expect a Miracle: You Won’t be Disappointed
Published by the Center for Appreciative Medicine, March 2003