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Frequently Asked Questions

What if there are no wellness professionals in my area?

We continue to grow our network. Check back with us.

Can I choose more than one goal?

Initially you begin with one goal. When you have reached that goal, you can move on to another.

What if I don’t know where to begin?

Select a primary care wellness practitioner in your area from our network. Make an appointment, discuss your goals and desires and receive guidance and support.

Does the TelMD approach to health and wellness work?

Yes! Dr. Franklin has been using this integrative approach to health and wellness with his patients for many years with great success.

Can I make an appointment with Dr. Franklin?

Yes. Dr. Franklin’s practice is in Monterey, California. Call his office to schedule an appointment at (831) 647-3190.

Can I use TelMD to diagnose a medical condition?

The TelMD site is NOT about diagnosing medical illness or finding a cure for any disease or condition.
TelMD is NOT a replacement for having a MEDICAL DOCTOR.
TelMD IS about partnering with health care professionals to live a healthier life.
TelMD IS about challenging you (the user) to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Does Dr. Franklin offer video consultations?

Yes. Call Dr. Franklin at (831) 647-3190 to schedule an appointment.

Does the ebook, "Expect a Miracle", come in a printed format?

Yes. Contact us, and we’ll send you a copy.

What are the Areas of Life?

There are 5 Areas of Life which make up our overall wellness. The more harmony there is between these elements, the happier and healthier we feel.*

The 5 Areas of Life are:

Body: Our physical form. Our body is made up of many components and systems that need to work together smoothly for optimal health.

Energy: Our vitality and passion. Every cell in our bodies use chemical energy to channel our actions.

Mind: Our conscious and unconscious thoughts that influence imagination, perception, thinking, judgement, language and memory. It's these decisions that control our behavior.

Mood: Our emotional state that influences our actions. Being able to acknowledge it and change it takes practice and patience, but it can be life changing.

Spirit: Our connection with and belief in “something bigger” than ourselves. The essence of our “being”, or soul. We have the choice to acknowledge it; accept it, and ride the wave of life or to ignore it and try to become someone we’re not.

*Note: There is a significant interrelationship between each of the 5 areas of life. Keep in mind (no pun intended) that the complexity of the human being and the interactions we have within ourselves is poorly understood scientifically.

What do the percentages of the pie chart mean?

Each percentage represents the percent of 100 you are currently at in each of the 5 areas of life.

Am I guaranteed to be included in your network?

We maintain high standards and adhere to specific guidelines for wellness professionals in our network. Please fill out our vetting form, and we will notify you of our decision.

If I’m not approved for your network, can I reapply later?

It depends on the reason for your denial. Please contact us at (831) 647-3190 for more information.

Why was I not approved?

We adhere to specific guidelines for membership in our network. Your qualifications may not fall within our guidelines.

Can I speak with Dr. Franklin?

Yes. Contact Dr. Franklin at (831) 647-3190 to set up an appointment.

Do I need to accept every patient or client referred to me by TelMD?

You are free to accept or decline any request for your services.

How is insurance authorization and coverage managed?

Your office is responsible for verifying insurance coverage and requesting authorizations.

Can’t find the answer? Contact us at We’re here to help.