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6 Women Over 50 with Boundless Energy

inspiring women, women and energy, Women over 50


Many women over 50 will tell you––your body changes, and energy just isn’t what it used to be.

With that said, it is still possible to have boundless energy in your 50’s, 60’s and beyond.

While decreasing hormones and slowing metabolism can certainly wreak havoc on sleep, mood, and weight for women over 50, there are plenty of people who use this shift as an excuse to cultivate a deep sense of wellness and a newfound feeling of vitality.

Below, we share the healthy habits of 6 well-known women over 50 with seemingly limitless energy, as evidenced in their bodies and spirits. Each person has a different approach to looking and feeling their best, but all of them have one thing in common: they’re not fighting their age, but rather, mastering the art of working with it.

Where Did All My Energy Go?

The Reality For Many Women Over 50

There are a few truths about aging that we would do well to face in our 40’s, 50’s and beyond. If we don’t change anything about our diet and lifestyle habits from our 20’s and 30’s, then chances are, we will feel a decline in our energy. Even if we are extremely healthy in our 20’s and 30’s, our bodies need different vitamins and minerals as we enter into a new season in life.

This is one of the main ways in which we miss the mark on aging in our culture. Our old tricks no longer work, and instead of finding new ones, we blame ourselves, assume our bodies are failing us, and pour energy in short-term “anti-aging” strategies.

The reality is that our energy does naturally change as we grow older, but it doesn’t mean it has to diminish. When we’re younger, our bodies are still growing and need a ton of fuel to support that growth. This is why we might have been able to eat whatever we wanted without feeling as many negative consequences. But after we’ve reached our peak growth, our bodies can’t function solely on empty carbs–– they need a wide array of nutrients to fortify our muscles and bones, and allow us to feel energized throughout the day.

In the same way, we might have been able to pull “all-nighters” when we were younger. Maybe we were climbing the career ladder, managing a great deal of stress, and became accustomed to burning the candle at both ends. When we’re older, our bodies need adequate rest so they can cleanse and restore themselves, otherwise, we can become vulnerable to premature aging and disease.

The bottom line? Our bodies are more resilient and forgiving when we’re younger.

Rather than yearning for the days when we could treat ourselves poorly without consequence, it can be helpful to approach this phase in life with an appreciation for the ways in which aging can keep us honest––motivating us to treat our bodies better than ever before.

So, for women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond, what are some of the healthy habits your body is asking you to do? For some, it may include higher-intensity workouts, and for others, it may include restorative yoga. Some may need more green juice, while others may benefit from eating more healthy fats. There is no one-size-fits-all way to feel healthy and energetic for women over 50 (or under, for that matter). But by being open to what your body is telling you, and by seeking inspiration from medical professionals and others who have unlocked vitality as they age, we can customize a plan for ourselves that will allow us to regain our energy.

6 Women Over 50 With Boundless Energy

Chef Babette

This 67-year old vegan comfort food specialist and fitness queen has inspired people around the world to switch to a healthier lifestyle by example. Born and raised in East LA, Babette shared a common background with many Americans––growing up burdened by pollution, toxic food, and stress. It wasn’t until she was in her 40’s that she took a deeper look at her food and fitness choices, and started eating and cooking vegan to optimize her nutrition.

Words of wisdom:

“ We as humans have a connection with the food that we eat and with the understanding that only the best deserves to enter our body temples. My newfound philosophy and relationship with food led to an astonishing transformation in the way I looked and felt…. Our journeys are constant, our transitions are infinite, our health is merely a vehicle to enjoy all that’s in-between.”


At 61, this icon not only appears to have stopped aging, but she still has the energy to reign on the throne of pop music as she releases her 14th album in 2019. Rather than slowing down, she’s collaborating with young boundary-pushing artists and continuing to set trends on a global scale. How does she do it? Admittedly, she says, “you got to work for it.”

Madonna’s fitness routine spans 6 days a week but varies between Ashtanga yoga, circuit training, ballet, pilates, and jogging. She also has been known to eat a macrobiotic diet–– including grains, beans, nuts, vegetables, seaweed, and plenty of fish.

Words of wisdom:

“I’ve been popular and unpopular, successful and unsuccessful, loved and loathed, and I know how meaningless it all is. Therefore I feel free to take whatever risks I want.”

Tao Porchon Lynch

Tao Porchon Lynch is an award-winning ballroom dancer and the world’s oldest yoga teacher. At 100 years young, Tao has been practicing yoga for over 70 years. Raised in India but now living in New York, Tao teaches yoga every day and shares her practice as a discipline of the mind and body, and a living reminder that, “There is nothing we cannot do if we harness the power within us.”

Words of wisdom:

“One-hundred-year-old trees still recycle themselves and come out with new flowers. Recycle yourself. Know that nature gives you the clues to living.”

Salma Hayek

When renowned actress Salma Hayek isn’t busy acting, she’s producing TV shows and selling her makeup and skincare line. At 53, Salma credits a more natural approach to health and beauty, including minimal skincare, and infusing muscle work into her everyday movements instead of extensive workout routines. Endearingly, she’s said, “Everybody has a weakness (and) mine is food. If you love food and you love red wine and they put you in France, you’re in a good place and you’re in a bad place at the same time.”

While she’s made it clear that maintaining her energy and shape does require effort, it doesn’t seem to come at the expense of experiencing the joys of life.

Words of wisdom:

“People often say that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves.”

Lucy Liu

50-year-old actress, artist, and advocate, Lucy Liu, has never limited herself when it comes to what she can do. She has been known to insist on doing her own stunts, spreading a humanitarian message as a UNICEF ambassador, and cultivating a parallel career as a visual artist.

When it comes to staying healthy, Liu credits classes like spinning & pilates, eating clean without deprivation and the power of meditation.

Words of wisdom:

“The main secret is simple: what you eat will eventually be reflected on the outside as well. Drink lots of water, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and meditate.

Goldie Hawn

At 73, Goldie Hawn somehow seems to maintain the same level of positive, light-hearted energy she’s been known for, for decades. By following her lively Instagram feed, you’ll find her drinking green juice, dancing, hiking, and spending plenty of time with her family-–including her husband of 35 years, Kurt Russell.

Goldie is known for her vivacious, balanced, and free-spirited approach to life and health. As a proud mother, grandmother and founder of a mindfulness-based program for children, she makes a healthy lifestyle look fun and never risks being too serious.

Words of wisdom:

“An editor from a women’s magazine came up to me and said, ‘Don’t you feel terrible that you’re playing a dumb blonde?’ I said, ‘I don’t understand that question because I’m already liberated. Liberation comes from the inside.”

Although change is inevitable, it is up to each of us to direct the course of that transformation. If you’re attached to what was, then it can be difficult to see the opportunities that are in front of you right now. By bringing your awareness to the present moment, you can identify which behaviors are regenerating your energy, and which ones are robbing it. As you can see by looking at the women above, there is no one way to maintain energy for women over 50. It’s a personal journey that begins with self-love and is promoted on a daily basis through self-care that your body requires.

Want more research-based health and longevity tips? Explore more of the TelMD Upstream Blog.

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inspiring women, women and energy, Women over 50

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