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What Every Woman Needs to Know About Environmental Toxins

While environmental toxins can negatively impact everyone’s health, women may be more at-risk due to the number of cosmetics and household products they interact with on a daily basis

Probiotics vs. Prebiotics: What You Need To Know

While probiotics are beneficial bacteria, prebiotics create the conditions needed for probiotics to thrive.

How to Prevent Alzheimer’s: 7 Science-Based Strategies

Learn 7 science-based strategies for how to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Are Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) Harmful to Human Health?

With a basic understanding of EMFs, combined with a few simple tips, you can drastically reduce your exposures and increase EMF protection.

Don’t Have a Spiritual Practice? Time to Find One

For the many who identify as “spiritual,” without any ties to organized religion, is it possible that while feeling ideologically liberated, they may also be feeling socially isolated?


How a Sense of Purpose in Life Increases Longevity

This article outlines key takeaways from one study, along with a few tips for cultivating your purpose in life for a longer, healthier and more fulfilled existence.

How to Be a Better Partner (5 Steps)

The truth is we’re all imperfect, as are all of our relationships. But by continuously asking questions such as, “how can I be a better partner?” we can commit to the path of growth, healing and discovery.


How to Find (and Nurture) Your Circadian Rhythm

Before we wake, our body temperature rises, our digestive juices start to flow, and our muscles become primed for movement. When we go to sleep...


The Fascinating Relationship Between Hormones and Mood

Understanding the inner-workings of the relationships between hormones, mood and behavior, can help us crack the code on naturally balancing hormones to improve our mood.


5 Spiritual Teachers Weigh In on Aging Well

Transitions are hard, and the aging process is no exception.

6 Women Over 50 with Boundless Energy

6 well-known women over 50 who have seemingly limitless energy, as evidenced in their bodies and vibrant spirits. Each person has a different approach to looking and feeling their best, but all of them have one thing in common: they’re not fighting their age, but rather, working with it. “

The Case for a Tech-Free Morning Routine

What does your morning look like? Whatever you do, some of the world’s high-performers will implore you to...

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