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Holiday weight gain

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain: Thanksgiving to New Years

Many people use the holidays as an excuse to indulge in foods they wouldn’t otherwise eat. Others simply eat more than they otherwise would. To avoid holiday weight gain we need to rewire our brain.

Lasting Happiness: Reasons and Ways to Declutter Your Mind

An ability to declutter the mind plays a major role in happiness. Here are some reasons why and what you can do to declutter.

What is the Digital World? Can it Harm Us or Help Us?

What is the digital world? As little as ten to fifteen years ago, things were different. The digital world did not yet consume us.

These Forms of Spiritual Energy Healing Have a Scientific Basis

In our new age of yoga, meditation, and other forms of spiritual energy healing, many of us wonder— how much of this healing has a basis in science?

What is Genius? Discovering Genius Through Mythology

Genius is the unique set of capabilities that each human being is granted to carry into life.

How to Live Life with Meaning

If you’re wondering how to live life with meaning, you’re likely at a very important transformational point.

Exercise and Mental Health

Through exercise, we gain a greater sense of mental strength and stamina while benefiting our brains on a cellular level.

How to Travel for Health and Wellness

Traveling has a way of healing us regardless of how we choose to travel and why.

brain fog

Origins and Treatment of Brain Fog

Do you ever find yourself unable to think clearly? Does work ever seem difficult due to foggy thinking? You may be experiencing brain fog.

How You Can Choose to Be Happy

If we want to choose to be happy, we need to treat it as a process or art to master.

My Experience With Ulcerative Colitis and Healing With Herbs

Looking back, I now realize how important it is to learn about healing with herbs.

Healthy Energy Boosters that Can Transform Your Day

Trying to live your day to the fullest without energy is like trying to chop wood with a dull ax. Here are some foods, supplements, and techniques that work as healthy energy boosters to sharpen your focus and endurance.

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