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How Bad Are Energy Drinks For You?

addiction, energy drinks, mood


You roll out of bed after hitting the snooze button three or four times.

After scrolling through your phone for a couple of minutes, that’s when you decide it’s time to get ready for the day.

Some days you dread the thought of waking up, but you say to yourself, it’s alright. With coffee, everything should be better. And then when you hit that midday slump, you’ll turn to energy drinks to give you that extra boost!


Don’t deceive yourself. Here are 5 key reasons why energy drinks are bad for you:

1. Increased stress and anxiety

It’s no secret energy drinks contain copious amounts of caffeine. And what’s worse, is that it’s likely that some energy drinks contain more caffeine than what their labels advertise. Jitters and a racing heart from caffeine isn’t any fun. Plus,  these side effects are linked to chronic stress.

2. Too much sugar

These drinks rely on the combination of caffeine and sugar to “get you through the day.” Too much sugar in a drink equals to an artificial energy boost. The reality is that excess in sugar can lead to dehydration, immune system suppression, inflammation, weight gain, and tooth decay.

Don’t forget, that second wind you might feel after you consume an energy drink will always lead to a dreaded sugar crash.


3. Mood swings

If you use energy drinks daily, you’re more prone to having reduced serotonin levels—the substance responsible for regulating your mood, social behavior, appetite, sleep, and memory. With a depletion from this “feel good neurotransmitter,” you’re more likely to develop depression.


4. Insomnia

Now that you understand how energy drinks can lower your serotonin levels, it shouldn’t come to a surprise that you’ll develop insomnia if you keep it up.

The cycle isn’t fun.

You wake up tired and turn to energy drinks just to get you through the day. Then when it’s time to get some shut-eye, you’re unable to fall asleep. Since you weren’t able to get high-quality sleep, you wake up the next day feeling exhausted.

5. Money

If you tally up your annual total of regularly drinking energy drinks, the costs will surprise you. Then, you’ll kick yourself once you realize how all this extra cash could’ve gone to something else in your life, like a small vacation, shopping, or a healthier way to boost your mood.

There are plenty of free ways to boost your energy levels, without the nasty side effects of caffeine or energy drinks.

Let’s Make Wellness Contagious!™

addiction, energy drinks, mood

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