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Growing Your Practice Through Videos with David Lu Ep 26

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Growing Your Practice Through Videos with David Lu Ep 26

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The healthcare industry is in a state of flux, with new technologies, regulations, and challenges emerging all the time. Healthcare entrepreneurs and startup founders face an uphill battle, competing with established players in the industry while striving to make a positive impact. The Provider’s Edge is a podcast that recognizes these challenges and aims to provide a roadmap for success.
Sabrina Runbeck, the host of Provider’s Edge podcast, has first-hand experience with the challenges facing healthcare entrepreneurs. As a Cardiothoracic Surgery Physician Associate with more than 12 years of experience in public health and neuroscience, she has seen the toll that burnout and other obstacles can take on healthcare professionals. After overcoming burnout herself, Sabrina took a career pivot, leveraging public speaking to share her true mission.
Sabrina believes that changemakers in healthcare do not burn out because they want to do less. They want to do more of what they love and be seen and appreciated. She is passionate about helping healthcare entrepreneurs and startup founders break free from the traditional healthcare model and creates a business that not only generates income but also has a positive social impact.
In each episode of Provider’s Edge, Sabrina and her guests provide valuable insights and actionable tips to help healthcare entrepreneurs and startup founders overcome the common obstacles that they face. They provide guidance on improving operational efficiency, reducing provider fatigue, increasing access to meet patient expectations, and introducing the next generation of healthcare innovators who are truly making a difference.
Sabrina and her guests are experts in their field and have a wealth of knowledge to share. They provide real-world examples and practical advice that you can implement right away to transform your business. The Provider’s Edge podcast is the perfect podcast for healthcare entrepreneurs and startup founders who want to make a difference in the world.
As a healthcare business owner, you can have it all – an efficient team, clients who feel well cared for, and reclaim an extra day per week. Sabrina and her guests will guide you through the process of rewriting the rules for your business so you can have more time off, a great team, and more income. They will help you break down the barriers that are holding you back and show you how to take control of your business, your life, and your future.
In addition to the podcast, Sabrina runs a monthly event called “Healthcare Disruptors Think Tank,” which is a collaborative networking event that brings together healthcare entrepreneurs and startup founders to share ideas and insights. Sabrina believes that collaboration is key to success in the healthcare industry, and she is passionate about building relationships and sharing knowledge.
Podcast speaking has become one of the most effective ways for healthcare entrepreneurs to scale their businesses in today’s world. The Provider’s Edge podcast provides a platform for entrepreneurs to share their expertise, build credibility, and connect with a wider audience. Sabrina understands the importance of leveraging podcast speaking to scale your business, and she encourages healthcare entrepreneurs and startup founders to embrace this platform.
The Provider’s Edge is the perfect podcast for healthcare entrepreneurs and startup founders who want to make a difference in the world. Join Sabrina and her guests to discuss the smartest strategies for scaling your business and creating a positive social impact in the healthcare industry. Start listening today and take your healthcare business to the next level!
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