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Join TelMD and Go Upstream

Do More With Gold Circle

Upgrade your membership to Gold and grow your practice
faster with all the benefits of the Standard membership PLUS many more enhanced features and marketing tools.

Standard membership

Standard membership

  • Display your bio
  • Find patients looking for your specialties
  • Partner with patients
  • Schedule online & in-office appointments
  • Meet with patients through Live Video Chat
  • Track your patients’ progress
  • Send and receive messages via live text chat
  • Contribute articles to the Upstream blog
  • Contribute your tips to Secrets
  • Share your profile link on the web
  • Invite current patients and others to connect with you
Gold Circle Membership

Gold Circle Membership

All Standard membership features PLUS:

  • Send custom messages to targeted wellness seekers
  • Distinguish yourself with an enhanced bio page
  • Highlight your specialties
  • Share your wellness tips via Top Secrets
  • Track your performance stats
Only $35/month
Only $350/year
Gold Circle

What Members Say About TelMD Gold Circle

Frequently Asked Questions

Gold Circle members can track:

– Number of profile views
– Number of Secrets clicked
– Number of Secrets saved
– Number of team requests
– Number of appointments
– Payment report

Gold Circle members can create 2 custom Select Messages per month. These Select Messages are sent to wellness seekers in your area after approved by the TelMD team. They can include a link in addition to text.

Top Secrets are special Secrets (wellness tips or other pearls of wisdom) that are sent exclusively to the feed of ALL wellness seekers, once approved. Secrets, otherwise, do not appear in a wellness seeker’s feed. Gold Circle members can submit 2 Top Secrets per month.

Yes. You can sign up for Gold Circle membership at any time in your Settings.

Yes. You can change your membership from monthly to annual at any time in your Settings.