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How to Travel for Health and Wellness

How to Travel for Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness, travel, Travel for Health


Travelingis a rejuvenating past time. It gives us space for rest while simultaneously bringing us out of our comfort zone. Some people prefer to travel for culture and adventure while others seek sanctuary in resort-side beach locations.

A recent study reveals that travel doesn’t only make us happier in the moment, but prolongs our happiness long after the adventure is over. The research, published in Tourism Management, highlights that travelers felt better before, during, and after their trips. 

The truth is, traveling has a way of healing us regardless of how and why we choose to travel. Yet, there are specific ways of traveling that harness rejuvenation for the mind and body. In this article, we’ll be exploring exactly how to travel for health, its benefits, and various types of travel.

Go Where You’ve Always Wanted to Go 

Exploring the culture and environment of a specific desired country is rewarding for the mind and soul. Where have you always wanted to visit? Maybe it’s somewhere tropical where you’d like to take in the warm sun and ocean. Perhaps it’s a mountainous country like Switzerland where you can explore new customs while enjoying scenic train rides with mountain views.

Here are a few more ideas if you’re interested in travel for health.

Focus on going into nature

Researchers recently discovered that spending just two hours a week in a natural environment is associated with good health. More specifically, the research showed lower risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity through spending time in “greener areas.” Aim to plan your journey surrounding trips through nature for an ultimate adventurous and healing experience. Try hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities during your travels. For this, you needn’t travel far if you’re unable to. Your local mountains, park, or beach location can provide enough quality time in nature. 

Try an all-inclusive resort

Buying an all-inclusive experience will save you the stress of transportation and food. This choice will allow you to focus solely on your health and rejuvenation. Most all-inclusive experiences include flight, transportation from the airport, food, and more. Be sure to book your experience in a location that’s been on your mind for a while! 

Explore a culture that interests you

Studying how other people live is a good way to travel for health. Learning about different cultures helps us see outside the confines of our own customs. This can lend us insight into how to treat people better as well as eat, socialize, and live more mindfully. Also, many cultures tend to practice spiritual devotion which can inspire us to live with a deeper sense of faith and meaning. 

How to Travel for Health and Wellness

How About a Retreat?

Going on a retreat is an excellent way to travel for health. Most retreats provide an all-inclusive type of experience that enables you to focus on the healing activities these retreats provide. Here are a few rewarding types of retreats to consider.

Yoga Retreat

This is a popular retreat option for those specifically seeking to better their health through travel. Often, going on a yoga retreat entails traveling to another country and working on your health physically and mentally. 

During a yoga retreat, you’re likely to be in a natural area where you’ll experience a lot of physical activity. Yoga retreats also usually include breath practice, community gatherings, healing plant-based meals, and other activities in the surrounding area.

Silent “Vipassana” Meditation Retreat 

Meditation has immense healing capabilities, even for those suffering from anxiety, PTSD, and depression. 

Vipassana meditation retreats feature a length of time (usually 10 days) spent meditating and without speaking. There are many Vipassana retreat centers located throughout the world that are free of charge. Experiencing Vipassana meditation is an exceptional way to travel and experience meditation on a budget.

Ten days of complete silence may sound intimidating at first. Luckily, some Vipassana centers offer shorter, 3-day meditation retreats for beginning meditators. At these retreats, expect to experience hour-long meditations and not much other activity other than walking the meditation grounds and eating plant-based foods. 

Ayurvedic “Panchakarma” Retreat

Ayurveda is an ancient, Indian healing philosophy that focuses on the elements and each person’s specific “dosha” or bodily bio-elements. 

Panchakarma is basically an ayurvedic healing retreat lasting from one to three weeks. These retreats usually include extensive herbal, massage, and detox remedies following consultations with ayurvedic physicians. 

Panchakarma is ideal for anyone seeking to fully rebalance the body or receive treatment for a specific ailment.

Take Advantage of Traveling Locally

Traveling far isn’t necessary in order to travel for health. Taking road trips to nearby mountains, towns, beaches or other novel and interesting places is always a good, economical option. If you live in a big city, try to break away to experience the countryside or forest for a while. 

Even spending some time alone at a nearby park can be enough to heal you. Anything that allows you to break away from your usual routine for some mental space is a good chance to recharge and heal. 

There’s a neighborhood park I personally enjoy visiting. It’s only a couple miles from my home and is very inviting after an overwhelming day or week. When I visit the park, I lie in the grass, read a book, and watch the plethora of geese and ducks. I always leave the park feeling refreshed and with a renewed perspective. The park is a sanctuary that I will always look to for a quick, healing time in nature.

Don’t think of travel as a financially draining activity. Saving extra money is worth it, and traveling doesn’t mean you have to spend money left and right. Many beautiful destinations are cheap to visit. Also note these budget traveling tips: Buy and make your own food. Explore towns and local culture instead of museums and galleries, or spend time at the beach instead of at bars and on tours.

Planning a trip in advance will keep you excited and well-prepared for your experience. Also, you’ll be able to save money by making reservations early.

This tip will ensure that you are able to take some time to yourself as soon as you need it. For example, if you’re having a hard work-week, you can plan a day trip to the beach, wildlife reserve, botanical garden or river for a picnic. You can go hiking, birdwatching or do anything else that refreshes your spirit!

Most importantly, remember that your rejuvenation is one of the most important reasons to travel for health!

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Health and Wellness, travel, Travel for Health

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