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Lasting Happiness: Reasons and Ways to Declutter Your Mind

Lasting Happiness: Reasons and Ways to Declutter Your Mind

declutter your mind, lasting happiness


Declutter your mind and experience more happiness.

Recently, I was introduced to the idea of having a field of both macro- and micro-happiness. Macro-happiness refers to one’s overall well-being in the grand scheme of things. This can be looked at as the “bigger picture” or one’s overall level of happiness. But there’s also micro-happiness which describes one’s emotions at any particular moment. 

Micro-happiness is important to look at because consistent small-scale happiness leads to overall, macro-happiness. For example, if you have consistently good experiences at work, you’re more likely to develop a “bigger-picture” sense of happiness in life. 

So what is the main cause of smaller scale unhappiness? An inability to declutter the mind seems to be a major culprit. 

If you don’t declutter the mind, happiness may be harder to achieve

It’s early morning, and you’re waking up to your favorite morning drink whether that be a coffee, chai, or other tea. You feel a sense of ease and peace at being up early and getting to your work emails in a timely fashion. 

But suddenly you open an email from an angry client. They inform you of the mediocre job you’ve done on a project. Suddenly, you’re worried. What will your boss say? Next, you imagine losing your job and envision the disappointment your family will feel. Where will you move to? How does unemployment work? 

This is an example of how a cluttered mind can ruin happiness. Blowing a situation out of proportion is a common way for mental clutter to manifest, but it also arises during times of stress and an overwhelming amount of life commitments.

Ways to declutter your mind 

If the above scenario seems familiar and you wish to declutter your mind, follow these helpful tips below. 

Lasting Happiness: Reasons and Ways to Declutter Your Mind

First, stop trusting in your mental clutter

A good practice is to firmly observe your mind during moments of mental discomfort. Often, we tend to confide in our worries which gives them power over us. 

Next time you find yourself in an overwhelming moment, ask yourself: “Do these thoughts have a basis in reality?” Even if they do, are they thoughts that are productive or a result of anxiety (e.g., fear of the future)?

Declutter your space to declutter your mind

An effective way to declutter your mind is by keeping a clean living and workspace.

The way we keep our spaces have a direct effect on the way we feel or think. If we’re under pressure in a messy or unclean space, we may feel more agitated, or even aggravated. If we’re under pressure in a very clean space, on the other hand, we may feel more focused, in control and able to handle things effectively.

Who are you spending your time with?

Do your friends and family also have cluttered minds? How do you feel when spending time with them?

This can be tricky. You don’t want to ditch your friends and family, yet you don’t want their own anxieties to rub off onto you. The solution is to bring awareness to how other people’s energy affects your own. Studying other people’s mental-fixations can even help you get over your own.

Use these lifestyle choices to declutter your mind

Creating lifestyle habits surrounding better mental health is a powerful way to declutter your mind. Try these:

1 Go on walks or runs. Being outside and moving your body have direct influences on your mind and your ability to “clear your head.” Try morning jogs and evening walks after dinner.

2 Meditate every day. Many people struggle with this one. Meditations can make us feel impatient, uncomfortable, and bored. “Is this practice even worthwhile?” we may ask ourselves while struggling to remain silent in one spot. Truth is: meditation is powerful. It reveals our mind to ourselves. It’s worth forming a practice no matter how uncomfortable it may feel at first. 

3  Go somewhere to just be. Have you ever noticed how occupied we always are? While walking at a park last week, I noticed that everyone sitting on the benches were dialed into their smartphones, completely disconnecting themselves from the surrounding nature. I’m definitely guilty of doing this from time-to-time, yet I’ve noticed how great it feels to be able to just sit and observe my surroundings. This can be done at parks, downtown areas, or anywhere really. 

4 Become one with your hobby. Do you have a hobby that allows you to feel fully absorbed in what you’re doing? What an amazing feeling, almost like meditation! Time dissolves, and suddenly you feel completely at one with what you’re doing. Poetry writing is my thing. What’s yours? An art, too? Writing? Painting? Or maybe something physically challenging, like rock climbing?

How Will Life Change Once You Declutter Your Mind?

Once you declutter your mind, you’ll gain clarity and happiness. On a micro-level, you’ll experience higher levels of day-to-day happiness that will make you feel better on a long-term basis. Remember, it’s possible to experience discomfort in the moment while still being a happy person on a macro-level. Be easy on yourself during this transformation, and always remember to look at the bigger picture of your happiness. What are you grateful for? Do you have the resources that enable you to live comfortably? 

If you live with a decluttered mind, expect to feel more “flow.” “Flow” is best described as a sense of timelessness and oneness with whatever it is you’re doing. It is also described (often by athletes) as being “in the zone”. Further, flow makes you feel like nothing can burst your happiness bubble. Even if this flow doesn’t last forever, expect it to come on a much more frequent basis. 

Living with a decluttered mind can help you attract more friendships, feel more fulfilled at work, and help you make important decisions more readily. Most of all, the mind will remain your faithful tool rather than you being its servant. 

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declutter your mind, lasting happiness

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