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These Forms of Spiritual Energy Healing Have a Scientific Basis

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These Forms of Spiritual Energy Healing Have a Scientific Basis

In our new age of yoga, meditation, and other forms of spiritual energy healing, many of us wonder— how much of this healing has a basis in science?

Yoga and meditation

Eastern philosophy recognizes yoga and meditation as a way of realigning energy in the body to benefit the mind and spirituality of the practitioner. This energy, in Sanskrit, is called prana which translates as “life-force” or “vital-principle.” 

 The prana is focused along energy centers that run along the spine of the body called chakras which translates as “circle” or “wheel.” These wheels are meant to carry the prana in a very balanced manner. 

Yogic philosophy teaches, however, that many of us hold imbalances in the way we carry prana. Many of us contain blockages that trap too much prana in one area while not allowing it to travel to other areas. 

 By releasing these blockages, we balance ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. According to yogic philosophy, this will help us reach samadhi or yogic enlightenment much easier. More specifically, this is obtained through meditation, yoga asanas or physical postures, and pranayama or breathing exercises. 

 Interestingly, the West recognizes the benefits of yoga and meditation through the lens of science. Here are a few examples of what science has proven about yoga and meditation that correlate with the benefits as described within the spiritual energy healing of Eastern philosophy. 

These Forms of Spiritual Energy Healing Have a Scientific Basis

Yoga and meditation practices help stress

Let’s take a look at a couple of healing modalities that actually have a basis in the scientific world. Through this investigation, we’ll see just how powerful these methods of spiritual energy healing are.

According to the yogis, mental ailments are a result of too much or not enough prana flow in the upper chakras near the neck and head. To them, relieving anxiety amounts to spiritual energy healing which involves transferring an excess amount of energy from the head down to the root chakra. 

What’s fascinating is how Western science is also able to explain how these practices do in fact relieve stress. For example, one study shows how yoga and meditation are able to significantly lessen the amount of stress and anxiety present in caregivers responsible for dementia patients.

These methods of spiritual energy healing lessen stress by decreasing cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a hormone partly responsible for the fight-or-flight responses in our body. As it turns out, the hormonal endocrine system corresponds to the yogic chakra system in interesting ways.

The chakra system resonates with the endocrine system

Many readers and practitioners have probably heard of the third eye or ajna chakra located deep between the eyebrows. This chakra is associated with intuition, spiritual capabilities, and knowledge. 

According to the West’s knowledge, the seat of the ajna chakra is where the pineal gland rests. This gland is responsible for the release of melatonin and regulation of our sleep-wake cycles known as the circadian rhythm. 

Further, a study found the presence of n,n-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) in mammalian brains. In large amounts, this compound that can produce “mystical experiences.”Some researchers hypothesize that this compound gets released from the pineal gland in large amounts during birth, dreaming, and death. 

Also, within our endocrine systems, we have glands in our sex organs (testicles for men and ovaries for women). These glands correspond with the sacral chakra located below the belly button. This energy center governs sexuality, creativity, and emotion. 

The ways in which the endocrine and chakra systems align don’t seem accidental, and neither does this final point about the West’s take on these spiritual energy healing practices.

These Forms of Spiritual Energy Healing Have a Scientific Basis

Yoga and meditation heighten our awareness

Overall, the goal of yoga is to reach enlightenment or samadhi. This is a sense of awareness that is so high, that the mind becomes devoid of harmful preconceptions and identifications. 

If the scientific world brushes off enlightenment as some far-fetched idea of fantasy, it’s simply because they don’t understand the nature of enlightenment. Many spiritual teachers teach that enlightenment is not a transcendent or even mystical experience. To them, enlightenment is actually a destructive process; it destroys preconceived ideas about the self.

Reaching enlightenment means forgetting about what we thought we knew about ourselves and the world. Some may even describe it as the state of knowing nothing while being in love with everything. 

Interestingly, science actually shows how meditation increases awareness, mindfulness, and psychological well-being. These are the definite stepping-stones to enlightenment experienced by practitioners during meditation.

Yoga and meditation are spiritual energy healing practices recognized by the West

It’s fascinating how a tradition that recognizes healing as energetic contains similar benefits within the scientific Western world. 

Yoga and meditation are practices that, as this article suggests, should be harnessed for the sake of a healthier mind, body, and soul. These methods of spiritual energy healing can be used to improve our lives greatly as proved by science. 

So how can you get started with these practices in a way that’s applicable to you? Here’s some advice.

1  Get instruction in yoga and meditation. This is the number one tip for anyone beginning these practices. By receiving proper instruction, your practice will become heightened and the teachings much more accessible. Find teachers you resonate with and who inspire you to take these spiritual energy healing techniques all the way.

2  Practice consistency in yoga and meditation. This is key to reaping the beneficial qualities of these methods. I’ve heard meditation, for example,  being compared to fitness in this sense. In fitness, we need to be consistent in order to see muscle gain or faster times out on the running field, right? Well, the same goes for meditation. You should attempt to meditate every day if possible to really reap the benefits.

3  Use all of the resources available to you. Whether it be books, classes, or information gathered during traveling— be sure to use whatever you need to learn meditation and integrate it as a habit in your life.

Yoga and meditation have gained recent recognition in the West as being effective for eliminating stress and increasing awareness, mindfulness, and psychological wellness. The resemblance between qualities of these practices in both the Western and Eastern mind is strikingly similar, including the alignment of the chakra and endocrine systems. Using these spiritual energy healing methods for your overall wellness will surely improve your vitality.

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