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Why Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses

blue light blocking glasses
Why Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light blocking glasses have recently acquired some time in the public consciousness due primarily to people’s need for a better night’s sleep. And what better than to have a decent pair of spectacles to block any harmful effects of the blue light emitted from our electronics? Though it may seem too good to be true, science has in recent years confirmed that blocking blue light proves beneficial to human health. The benefits range from improving sleep to protecting against eye-strain. Here’s a more detailed look at these “blue-blockers” that are showing up on more and more people’s nightstands. 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Your New Evening Savior

Blue light blocking glasses are glasses whose lenses are equipped with amber-hued lenses that block not only UV radiation, but the most disruptful wavelengths of light at night as well. These harmful frequencies (typically the 280 – 510 nm range) include the wavelengths that are emitted from our computer screens and phones as we stare into them at night. 

These “shades” come in different styles including a wrap-around style to block light from entering the eyes at all angles. Some companies even sell blue-blockers that can fit over typical glasses and reading glasses.

Why Buy Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Most blue light blocking glasses are not the most expensive pair of glasses you’ll ever buy, yet it’s still good to know precisely what health benefits they offer before spending a semi-pretty penny on a pair.

Increase Melatonin Production in the Brain

A popular, scientifically-backed reason to wear blue light blocking glasses, particularly at night, is that doing so increases the production of melatonin in the brain. The release of melatonin, a “sleep” hormone that makes you tired, is an essential component of our sleep-wake cycles. This cycle is more formerly known as our circadian rhythm. It regulates when we have energy and feel wakeful, and when we feel tired (which is very important for falling asleep and sleeping deeply!). So to connect the dots, by limiting blue light exposure at night (which is found in most house lights, lamps, but especially in electronic screens), we can optimize our melatonin production, fall asleep faster, get larger quantities of both deep and REM sleep, and spend less time awake throughout the night. 

Reduce Eye Strain

Wearing blue light blocking glasses can also reduce eye strain from gaming and long hours on Instagram or watching Netflix. Many wearers of blue-blockers use them for this reason.

Why Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Finding Efficient Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

So what should an interested evening-computer-enthusiast look for in a pair of blue light blocking glasses? 

  • Make sure the glasses eliminate all light in the blue-light spectrum, that is, between 280 and 510 nm.
  • Find a pair that are not polarized. Why? You won’t be wearing them outside, and unpolarized pairs allow you to see better through the glasses despite their red-hued, blue-blocking lenses.
  • Aim for comfort. If you’re purchasing online, look at reviews. There’ll usually be remarks concerning lightness and comfort. 
  • Buy a pair that has a wrap-around fit. These ensure blue light is blocked from all angles.
  • Finally, consider style if that’s important to you. These specs come in many different styles, but don’t think about it too much—you’ll most likely be wearing them only at home.

Using Blue Light Blocking Glasses With Other Methods to Sleep Better

There are some specific things to know about using blue light blocking glasses. 

First, it’s good to put them on directly after sunset. If that’s not possible, aim to put them on at least an hour before going to sleep. If on the computer, even before sunset, aim to wear them when possible. Other than that, try keeping the glasses on until after turning out all the lights in the house to go to sleep. By doing this, you cancel out any chance of artificial light hitting your eyes. Keep the glasses near your bed so you can put them on if you get up in the middle of the night.

Since talking about blue light blocking glasses has put us on the subject of getting good sleep, we may as well touch on some other techniques that can be done in combination with wearing blue-blockers at night in order to better your quality of sleep. 

Make Your Room a Cave

Have you ever been deep in a cave? It’s completely dark. Aim to have your room match this darkness when going to bed. This means blocking out light from under the door, excluding night lights, and covering up any small lights from television sets. This brings us to our next point.

Make Your Room Electronic-less

This means not bringing your phone into the room and excluding things like television, iPads, etc. This will prevent any extra small light, buzzing, and even some non-native electromagnetic frequencies which could hinder sleep as well.

Make Your Bed for Sleeping and Nothing Else

This is a good tip for those who like to do computer work in bed, play games in bed, and so on. If you make your bed only for sleeping, you’re more likely to feel tired when you go to it. It literally trains the brain to signal tiredness. By the way, reading should be fine to do in bed, but only if just before sleeping. 

Try a High-Quality Sleep Supplement

Find a good non-habit forming sleep supplement to take an hour before you want to go to sleep. Good sleep formulas will include things like CBD, l-theanine, GABA, melatonin, chamomile, passionflower, ashwagandha, valerian, and lavender. Try to find something with a combination of 3 or more of these ingredients. 

And there you have it, the power of blue light blocking glasses, what to look for, how to use them, and some other tips for falling asleep fast and staying asleep. This article takes into account the dire necessity for a good night’s sleep. It’s important for so many things, including mental health, immunity, detoxification, and even digestion. Purchasing a pair of blue-blockers can establish long-term results in better sleep quality.

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