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Healthy Living: Body and Mind

Body and Mind, Healthy living

What would this Coronavirus outbreak look like if all people on Earth prioritized healthy living: body and mind?

Unfortunately, healthy living (body and mind) hasn’t exactly been a global priority. Evidently, cases of heart disease, lung disease, and many other diseases are rampant, and now health experts are claiming these diseases increase the likelihood of fatality from Coronavirus. They’re also saying that immuno-compromised individuals such as the elderly, cancer patients, and people on immunosuppressors are at higher risk as well. 

Putting two-and-two together, we see an obvious correlation, that is, the healthier we keep ourselves, the less we risk falling victim to a global pandemic. It can be easy to feel helpless and scared during these times, yet we have the opportunity to feel empowered and instead of scared, full of hopeful courage. We can educate ourselves concerning how to stay healthy to protect ourselves. We can start implementing lifestyle choices and spread this knowledge to others. 

So without further ado, here are the things we can do to expand our healthy living (body and mind)! 

Maintain a Meditation Practice

Taking care of the mind is not to be neglected during these unsettling times of uncertainty. Meditation allows us to have “real rest.” What I mean by this is the opportunity to completely let go of the past, the future, expectations, fear, and so on. Many of us rest or wind down by watching television, texting, or scrolling on social media. But these forms of media keep us stimulated and prevent our “rest and digest,” parasympathetic nervous system from fully turning on. 

To have a sound, healing meditation, try lying horizontally on the ground or bed for just 20 minutes. Focus on your breath. Try to let go of expectations. Don’t cling to any thoughts, whether good or troubling. You’ll be surprised at how rejuvenating this is. If done on a consistent basis, this practice can be very transformational. 

Exercise, Even in Quarantine

It’s become common knowledge that exercise is a surefire way to prevent disease and improve overall health. Exercise is good for both body and mind (hence why we’re adding it to our list of things for maintaining healthy living for body and mind). But with all the gyms closed and social pressure to quarantine, it may seem more difficult to stay motivated to keep a solid routine. To this end, follow these tips so you succeed in staying fit during the quarantine. 

  • Create a routine and stick with it. Writing down what exercise you aim to do on each specific day will hold you accountable. Do this instead of merely “thinking about it.”
  • Make it fun. Sign up for some online yoga classes. Run a route in your neighborhood you don’t normally go. Get into HIIT training and get your family involved!
  • Set goals. What yoga posture do you want to learn? How long can you hold a plank? How far do you want to be able to run without stopping? Challenge yourself.
  • Remember why you’re doing it. Staying in shape will surely keep your immune system strong!

Eat How the Longest Surviving People in the World Eat

Surely by now, you’ve heard of the so-called “Blue Zones” around the world. These are some hot-spots in the world with the highest rates of longevity. These places are Sardinia (Italy), Okinawa (Japan), Nicoya (Costa Rica), and Icaria (Greece). The Blue Zone diet that is most frequently talked about is the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet contains ample amounts of vegetables, hearty grains, legumes, oils, fruits, fish, and smaller amounts of red meat. 

Following a Mediterranean diet can help keep your immune system at its best. Following such a diet mainly means having fruit for breakfast, loading up on vegetables for lunch and dinner, including olive oil, and having a salmon steak or some sardines once in a while. Try researching some Mediterranean meals to make. You’ll be intrigued by what you find!

Learn About the Age-Old Power of Herbalism for Healthy Living Body and Mind

There are claims circulating the internet that herbal remedies aren’t proven to be effective against COVID-19. While this is technically true (the CDC/medical establishment would never recommend anything that hasn’t been studied), can it hurt to try?

Many of these herbs have been studied and proven effective against viruses, some of which are claimed to be closely related to COVID-19. There is an obvious correlation between immunity and how symptomatic we become due to COVID-19. Our immune systems need to be strong to fight threats like this virus. That’s why the elderly and immuno-compromised are most at risk. 

I’m not claiming that any of these herbs can cure Coronavirus. I’m just pointing to the obvious correlation that we can help protect ourselves and loved ones through strengthening our immunity via plant allies.

One of the surest ways to improve the immune system is through herbalism. Herbs have been used for thousands of years to effectively deal with ailments. Let’s go through a view of herbs that are wise to use right now given our current COVID-19 pandemic. 


These cone shape flowers have been successfully used by Native Americans to treat a large range of symptoms and illnesses including viral infections. According to a study on the application of Echinacea, “extracts of Echinacea purpurea (EP, purple coneflower) have been used traditionally in North America for the treatment of various types of infections and wounds, and they have become very popular herbal medicines globally. Recent studies have revealed that certain standardized preparations contain potent and selective antiviral and antimicrobial activities…”

Echinacea is most popularly consumed in tea form but can be found in a more potent tincture form and even capsules as well. 

Oregano (especially in Oil Form)

Oregano oil contains a compound called carvacrol which has been gaining some popularity for its antiviral properties. For example, in a study testing oregano’s viral efficacy, it showed effectiveness against a norovirus. 

Oregano oil is available in capsule and tincture form. Since oregano oil is such a potent, spicy compound, the tinctures are often diluted with olive oil. It’s always wise to go with a supplement that contains wild oregano to ensure high levels of carvacrol.  

Licorice Root 

The final herb I want to mention is one that’s been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a long time, that is, licorice root. Although it’s more commonly known as a digestive aid, licorice root deserves more credit in the realm of anti-pathogenic properties. Studies have revealed that its active compounds, glycyrrhizin, liquiritigenin, and glabridin are effective against viruses. 

Licorice root is commonly consumed in tea form, but like most powerful antiviral herbs, can be found in a more potent tincture form and in tablets as well.

Maintaining Healthy Living Body And Mind Should Be a Priority During These Times 

Many of the lifestyle choices above won’t only strengthen your immunity, but will strengthen other areas of the body as well. The above advice can strengthen the heart and lungs, two body parts we’re being told are directly effected by Coronavirus. Of course, there is controversy about what will and won’t help against the virus, but can it hurt to try? Maintaining healthy living(body and mind) has proven effective against many illnesses after all, so why should COVID-19 be an exception?

By maintaining healthy living, body and mind, we’re likely to better our chances at fighting off most infections and diseases in general. In the meantime, we can inspire those around us to do the same!

Looking for more ways to stay well and give your immune system a boost? Visit the TelMD Upstream Blog!

Let’s make wellness contagious!™️



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