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How to Have the Energy to Truly Enjoy the Holidays

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How to Have the Energy to Truly Enjoy the Holidays

How to have the energy for the holidays is a worthy discussion. The holidays are a time of joy, celebration, and gathering. Yet many people think of them as something to get through, something that just adds more work, or something intimidating due to having family over.

So, if we truly want to have the energy to enjoy the holidays, it’s time we shift our negative perspectives surrounding the holidays and consider these helpful tips instead. 

How to have the energy you want for family and festivities during the holidays

Your energy is a reservoir that you can consciously choose to add to. You can also come to realize the thoughts and actions that drain your energy. 

The holidays are actually the ideal time to focus on your energy. Having more energy means you’ll feel happier during family visitations and holiday activities such as cooking, shopping, decorating, gift-giving, and more. 

By focusing on the foods you’re eating, the thoughts you’re thinking, and your physical activity, you can render yourself a renewed being even before January 1st!

Let Go Outside: What the Outdoors Can Teach Us About the Nature of Being

Focus on food (in a different way)

When seeking how to have the energy for enjoying the holidays, you’ll find that focusing on your food intake is absolutely essential. 

I for one have gone through the holidays indulging in sweets and frequent meals full of processed carbs. I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t have the energy or positive mood to enjoy the holidays the way I would have liked to. Looking back, I should have focused on eating healthy meals while avoiding snacking on cookies, pies and other unhealthy food items.

Modern research reveals the role food plays in mood. In one review published in Missouri Medicine, researchers concluded that an optimal diet for brain health and mood “would include adequate building blocks for monoamine neurotransmitters, be rich in omega-3 fatty acids, be anti-inflammatory… .and support a healthy microbiome.” In other words, a diet high in fruits, vegetables, grass-fed, pasture-raised meats, fish, and nuts will give you the mental edge you desire over the holidays. 

You can plan your holiday meals to revolve around these foods. Even the deserts you plan to make can be high quality, plant-based foods such as date balls, or even raw brownies made from dates, cacao, and walnuts. 

Let Go Outside: What the Outdoors Can Teach Us About the Nature of Being

Focus on mindset

The holidays are not something to get through. They’re something to rejoice in, something to have energy for. What’s your current perception surrounding the holidays? 

The holidays can induce anxiety in people. With a change in mindset, this doesn’t have to be the case. Let’s look at a few ways we can shift our perceptions in areas that often leave people dreading the holidays.

When thinking about home presentation

Truth is, your home doesn’t have to be perfect to have guests over. I’d venture to say that an imperfect home would make guests feel more at home anyway. Clean your home, yes, but don’t stress over the little things. Don’t worry about the carpet stain, the chips in the paint on the cabinet, or how the dog just tore the curtains. 

Having imperfect qualities about our homes shows the human-ness in us. It’s something we should learn to own rather than escape. It’ll ultimately teach you how to have the energy for a comfortable holiday season.

When thinking about giving

The holidays are renowned for giving. But some of us get headaches over what to get people and who to even get gifts for. 

For the sake of your energy and mental health, don’t worry about buying people expensive gifts for everyone on your list if you don’t have the money to do so. Instead, be creative and give something of yourself. Volunteer for a cause the recipient is passionate about or hand make a personal gift. You can write your family and friends heartfelt letters, make a photo collage or bake some healthy holiday treats. If you don’t want to take the time to make something, consider an ornament or other small holiday symbols. 

When thinking about routines

When the holidays come into full swing, avoid using them as an excuse to skip your healthy routines. Maintaining a morning routine that involves hydration, exercise, a shower, and a wholesome breakfast is a big step toward having energy for the holidays. 

Let Go Outside: What the Outdoors Can Teach Us About the Nature of Being

Focus on Fitness 

The main point of this article is to help readers see that the holidays can be a time of regeneration rather than a time of unhealthy indulgence, gluttony, and weight gain

Fitness is one of the best tools when looking for answers as to how to have the energy to enjoy the holidays. Read over these key tips for maintaining or even enhancing your fitness during this time.

1 Try working out before eating breakfast. Many fitness enthusiasts report feeling heightened energy by not eating breakfast before their morning gym sessions. This is due to the powerful boost in human growth hormone (HGH) that comes with combining light fasting and physical exercise. If you work out regularly, try going to the gym on an empty stomach a few times and see if it works for you. It should definitely be better than feeling stuffed and sluggish!

2 Implement high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT training is a good option because it keeps you focused during your workouts and provides a taste of both cardio and strength training. A HIIT workout is a type of workout with less rest and, as the name implies, higher intensity. Here’s a thorough guide that can get you started with HIIT.

3 Workout outdoors instead of indoors if possible. Humans evolved exercising outside. It’s a good way to energize ourselves through being out the in fresh air and sunshine, and in being connected to the earth. Try working out barefoot in the grass or going for a run early in the morning while the world is waking up. If you live in colder areas, you can still take advantage of the fresh air, just be sure to layer up.

By implementing these tips during the holidays, you can expect higher energy levels. Staying active will show you how to have the energy to truly enjoy the holidays. But it’s not only the body you should focus on. 

Let Go Outside: What the Outdoors Can Teach Us About the Nature of Being

Focus on  decluttering the mind

Meditation is one of the best ways to gain energy. 

Did you know that our brains use about 20% of the calories we consume? That’s a lot of energy, and it can use even more when we’re stressed or worried.

If you’re stressed and prone to overthinking, you could really benefit from a meditation practice. Meditation can really calm the mind while preserving energy. It’s a premier practice for those wondering how to have the energy for an enjoyable holiday season. 

You won’t only save your energy stores through meditation. You’ll become a calmer person as well, an agreeable trait to have during the holiday season. 

The holidays aren’t meant to cause stress, but often we have a way of making something out of nothing. Meditation will help heal that tendency and thus ensure a joyful time for you and those around you. 

By using these tips, the holidays won’t be a time of setbacks for you. Rather, they’ll be a time of growth and setting a fresh example for those who also wish to keep on track with their wellness.

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