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5 Exercises to do at Your Desk

exercise tips


How do you find the time to exercise with your busy schedule?

Whether you’re at home, or in an office, there’s no excuse to not find ways to exercise. That’s because sitting for too many hours at a time can be harmful to you in the long run.

Let’s learn more about the 5 exercises you can do at your desk below.

Simple Stretches


It’s easy to get too deep into your work when you’re on a roll. But this doesn’t mean you don’t ever need to take a break.

When you need to pause, step back, or take some time to reflect on your work, try out these simple stretches.

You only need to spend a minute doing them—so you don’t waste any time and can get back to work.

  • Interlace your fingers and reach up to the ceiling
  • Shoulder shrugs
  • Neck roll
  • Open up your chest by widening your arms

Keep this in mind the next time you need to take a break. Remember, spending hours in the same position (staring at a screen) can result in poor posture habits.

Calf Raises


Simply stand up and use your chair as support. Raise your heels until you’re standing on your toes. Then, slowly lower your heels back to the floor. You can crank out ten of these and they’re excellent exercises especially if you own a standing desk.



Another classic exercise. Place one leg in front of the other and steadily lower your knee close to the ground. This simple exercise will improve your balance, boost hip flexibility, and improve core stability.

Glute Squeeze

Squeeze your glutes as hard as you can and hold for at least 20 seconds. Again, this works well if you’re able to get your hands on a standing desk.

Abdominal Stretch

As you sit at the edge of your chair, stretch your arms out and keep a straight back. Do this while contracting your abs.

There you are, 5 exercises to do at your desk. It may not seem like you’re doing much by sitting there all day, but you leave yourself vulnerable to poor posture habits.

Try these out at work next time you need a break!

Let’s Make Wellness Contagious!™

exercise tips

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