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How to Prevent Alzheimer’s: 7 Science-Based Strategies

Learn 7 science-based strategies for how to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Your perception of who you are has been created by your subconscious mind over time. When harnessing the information your subconscious uses to form your expectations, desires, and beliefs, you are able to better steer your reality.

The Difference Between Mind and Brain

Should we make distinctions between the brain that can be studied and the mysteriously unique experience of the mind?

Use These 5 Mindfulness Techniques to Reshape Your Reality

Mindfulness is the health trend that’s gained momentum for decades now. Which mindfulness techniques are most effective for eliminating the mind’s excessive, unnecessary chatter?

How to Be a Better Partner (5 Steps)

The truth is we’re all imperfect, as are all of our relationships. But by continuously asking questions such as, “how can I be a better partner?” we can commit to the path of growth, healing and discovery.

How Does Meditation Affect The Mind?

With meditation, you can relieve your mind from stress and anxiety.

This 1 Minute Meditation Exercise Will Boost Your Productivity

Meditation is an outstanding way to relieve stress and lead you towards a happier life.

The Power of Silence – Finding Silence in an Ear-Splitting World

The power of silence is one of our most significant untapped resources. Researchers suggest that an average of 50,000 thoughts inhabit our minds each day. Some even say that number may be closer to 70,000.