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This 1 Minute Meditation Exercise Will Boost Your Productivity

meditation, productivity


Meditation is an outstanding way to relieve stress and lead you towards a happier life.

Your actions stem from your thoughts, and if you have a muddied mind riddled with anxiety, this could leave you paralyzed; you can’t move forward if your thoughts are holding you back.


What You Will Do

You don’t need to be an expert to conduct this exercise. All you need is one minute of your time—you can do this anywhere at any time of the day.

What you’re going to do is check in to the moment. But what does this mean?

Anxiety can result from a lack of focus. If you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts and problems from both the past and the future, you blur your mind with negative energy.

In return, this can lead to procrastination. Surely you’ve felt this way before.

So, you must learn how to raise your awareness.

1. Step back, breathe, and look around you.

Drop all of your thoughts and only focus on what’s going on in the moment you’re in. Stop worrying about what other people are thinking about you, let go of your problems and focus on living in the moment.

2. Take note of every detail

As you look around, listen to every sound near you. Look at the colors of your environment. Take note of every detail—nature, people, time, and what you’re doing.


3. Engage in self-talk

You can close your eyes when you do this, but this is when you find out if you’re truly living in the moment.

For example: “I’m outside of my office taking a break from work. I hear cars honking on the street, I see a flock of birds swooping by me in the air, and I see that the ground is wet from the rain earlier…”

As you engage in self-talk get more specific in your details. Then, ask yourself if you’re making the choice to live in the moment. Ask yourself if you’re focused on the present moment—it’s your choice to do so, nobody else.

4. End your self-talk by announcing what you will do now

Congratulations. You’ve checked into the moment. Even if you experience similar moments in your day, there will never be another moment like that again. The breath you took during that self-talk session is now gone—time continues to move forward.


You can do all of this in less than one minute. And remember, you can do this at any time of the day. It’s an excellent way to recalibrate your mind and focus on living in the now.

Although this exercise is simple, you’ll be surprised at how it can alleviate anxiety and boost your mood for you! Give it a try right now.

Let’s Make Wellness Contagious!™

meditation, productivity

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